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Hitachi VRF

HITACHI Set Free range is VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) systems and includes the Mini 2 Pipe,  Side Flow 2 Pipe and the Modular Standard & High Efficiency 2 Pipe Heat Pump & 3 Pipe Heat Recovery. Each system allows a mixed combination of system free indoor units, including 12 indoor unit types, each of up to 15 capacities.

The Set Free range incorporates a number of features unique to Hitachi, such as the Side FLow FSNM wall mountable outdoor units (up to 37.5kW), the space saving monobloc design (up to 150kW capacity), and cold draft off coil temperature control across our entire range.

The Hitachi Set Free systems offer high efficiency (COP's of up to 4.80) and excellent reliability.

For detail information about the products please email us at or contact us at +62 21 54353522.


HITACHI VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) set sistem termasuk Mini 2 Pipe, Side flow 2 Pipa dan Standard Modular & High Efficiency 2 Pipa Pompa Panas & 3 Pipe Heat Recovery. Setiap sistem memungkinkan kombinasi campuran dari sistem Free indoor unit, termasuk 12 jenis unit indoor, masing-masing hingga 15 kapasitas.

Set Free range menggabungkan sejumlah fitur unik dari Hitachi, seperti Side FLow FSNM wall mountable outdoor units (hingga 37.5kW), desain monobloc yang menghemat ruang (hingga kapasitas 150kW), dan cold draft coil control temperature di seluruh rentang produk kami.

Hitachi Set Free sistem memiliki efisiensi tinggi (COP hingga 4.80) dan keandalan yang sangat baik.

Untuk informasi detail tentang produk silahkan email kami di atau hubungi kami di +62 21 54353522.