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AET Under Floor Air Conditioning System

AET Under Floor Air Conditioning System

Less Waste. A better use of Space....

AET has over 20 years of experience in Underfloor Air Conditioning System with over 50 million Square feet installed through out the world.

AET offers the Flexible Space Concept which is innovative aaproach to commercial building development providing efficient healthy environments within intelligent buildings and create a fully working Flexible Space Solutions.

AET is the leading global provider of the underfloor air conditioning systems, fundamental to the Flexible space concept and offers an extended range of complimentary products,. On every project AET works to ensure major cost, time operational benefits for all parties - from the property developer through to the Building's eventual users.

Commitment to the environment

AET has always been fully commited to supporting environmental issue raised within the building and construction industry including the manufacturing practices of the products we supply. Buildings consume up to 80% of the total energy expended by the market we cover. We recognize the importance of keeping energy cost down, reducing CO2 emission and boosting efficiency.

Within this depth of expertise and vast experience, you can rely on AET to deliver the high standards of support and service both you and your clients demand. From project conception through to completion and multi tenant occupation.